onion field

 Modular Autonomous Ag Robotic System (MAARS) is a unique robot developed by GA AG Robotics that not only saves money on labor but also on equiptment and storage space. The modular system uses the same base with interchangable work modules, changing the modules is a simple process only involving 6 bolts and 2 cables. The onboard computer automaticaly detect what module is being used and runs the correct program making  changing robot module easy as changing implements on a tractor.The first modules available will be for Vidalia onions, both planting and harvesting. The next modules available will be for garlic harvesting and watermelon planting using the same base as the onion modules.We expect the robots to available in 2016 for use in the fields. Our other products may not be as fun and exciting as robotics but they pay for the research and desing of our robots. In early 2016 videos will be posted on this web site and youtube.